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What is the CCAHH?

The Canadian Coalition for Adult Hearing Health (CCAHH) is a collaboration between the Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) and Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC), chaired by Dr. Lorienne Jenstad from The University of British Columbia (UBC). The Canadian Coalition of Adult Hearing Health (CCAHH) aims to address the issue that many adults in Canada who could benefit from hearing healthcare are not pursuing or receiving services.  Our current priority is to work with other health professionals - mainly physicians - to facilitate the delivery of hearing health information and care to patients. We are partnering with Dr. Jason Hosain, family physician from the University of Saskatchewan, for this priority.



The members of the CCAHH are healthcare professionals dedicated to facilitating Canadian adults' journey towards addressing their hearing issues.


Work to date by the CCAHH had included gathering information and setting priorities for adult hearing health, through interviewing of experts (consumers, clinicians, and researchers) that identified issues, barriers and challenges affecting low uptake of hearing health-care services, and a survey of audiologists across Canada.

CCAHH members


Lorienne Jenstad, Chair

Julia Kennedy

Steve Aiken

Laya Poost-Foroosh

Sarah Mason

Jason Hosain

Kimberly Eskritt

Jean Holden

Salima Jiwani

The following individuals have contributed to the scientific direction of this work:​

Li Qi

Debbie Zelisko

Bill Hodgetts

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